Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Iron Age Round House At Brigit's Garden

Iron age houseThe Building Of An Iron Age Dwelling

From April 1st to 11th an EU-sponsored group of craftspeople from across Europe will be learning traditional Irish skills at Brigit’s Garden, Co. Galway, by building an Iron Age dwelling. This will be like a Crannóg but on land.

Visitors are welcome to come and watch as they make walls of hazel wattle and a roof of ash poles. The roof will be thatched later through June. This new building will be a wonderful asset to the garden, and will compliment the existing Roundhouse, Hazel function and workshop room and the meditative and experiential wind chamber passage cairn.

Visit Brigit’s Garden With Celtic Ways, during this building

On our special “Harps Around Ireland” tour from April 7th until April 14th we will spend most of the day at Brigit’s Garden on Thursday April 10th

Our Itinerary is

April 7th, Brigid’s Kildare

April 8th, Glendalough & Singing Harps Concert

April 9th, travel to Co. Galway

April 10th Brigit’s Garden

April 11th Carrowkeel Cairns, Keash Coarran and coast,  Co. Sligo

April 12th Lazier’s Well, O’Carolan’s resting place, Shannon Pot

April 13th Tara Hill & Dublin

April 14th home or continuing more of Ireland

8 hotel nights with breakfast
includes 3 nights in the luxury of our local Cromleach Lodge hotel with one of the best hotel views in Ireland, wonderful staff, cozy elegant rooms and superb nutrition food.
8 evening meals
8 days transport and guide
workshop at Brigit’s Garden
workshop in Kildare
concert in Dublin

total cost  €1400
or daily rate of €190 per day
if you travel part of the tour 
click here for conversion to your currency

Costs may seem higher than some Irish tours and vacations but, from experience, our travellers appreciate the extra value, extra overnight comforts, better pacing and a true experience of the spirit, traditions and hidden beauty of Ireland well away from the tourist boardwalk. 

Costs are subject to currency fluctuations
but you can pay with your currency rate at time of payment.

for more information please contact us.

Visit Brigit’s Garden With Celtic Ways, during this building’s thatching.

Seats are still available during the Bard’s Tour Of Ireland in June



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